T'ai-chi-t'u-ku [Tai-chi-tu-ku]

Beside male principle Yang and female principle Yin [taoism] it is possible to distinguish yet one indefinite principle, which contains spectrum of medial states between active and passive principle what shows above elaborated by me symbol.

Gregory Podgorniak, Poland (2004)

about the author, My name is Gregory Podgorniak (brn. 01.1977, Szczecinek, West Pomerania, Poland). I am working on field of natural as well as social sciences. During studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (1996-1999) I was actively act in student scientific organisation, got a scientific scholarship, and one from my articles titled Circulus vitiosus and fourfold petitio principii in the system of Descartes was published in Humanistic Drafts of Publishing House of Humaniora Foundation in Poznan, no. 6, 1998. Unfortunately certain fate events made impossible to me continuing studies to master's and later doctor's degree (while in Poland the system of education is amiss constructed, age limit for doctoral studies amounts 35 years). Thence I was forced to be content only with a title of bachelor.

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